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We prepare our team to handle the job, environment and the weather conditions they will be facing. Our workspace, gear and equipment are then prepared for action.


We then execute our plan using our skilled climbers and well thought out strategy. After the job is done, we remove all traces of mess.

Quality Control

Our tools and equipment are checked for defaults. Then a final site sweep to make sure everything is in place and nothing is damaged.

What is tree pruning?

Tree Pruning is the selective removal of specific branches on a tree. Tree pruning in Manchester involves turning a monster tree into something a little less oppressive that will boost the sunlight levels in your house and garden. With our years of experience and wealth of knowledge as tree surgeons working in Manchester, we can leave you with a specimen tree that doesn’t look out of place and naturally enhances your yard.

There are three alternatives to removing a tree which we may ask you to consider before removing a tree:

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Tree pruning misconceptions

Specialist tree surgeons in Manchester

  • Training:  Tree pruning in Manchester requires more than simply chopping down branches from a tree. Tree pruning that has been completed without a deeper understanding of tree biology can lead to irreversible tree damage and a reduction of its lifespan.
  • Remove the Collar: When pruning a tree you should always steer clear of pruning too close to the tree collar. The tree collar is the area where the branches attach to the tree. Cutting too close to this can lead to potential decay which will then spread to the tree trunk

Tree Pruning Advice

We’ve answered some of the most common queries our customers have when enquiring about our tree pruning services below.

Damage to lightly loaded structures such as paths, driveways and garden walls.

Timely tree pruning can prevent damage to properties such as trees growing close to fences and pushing them out of line or weak branches falling onto building structures causing further potential damage.

By removing dead, weak or diseased branches from a tree you improve the overall tree form and health. However, pruning without knowledge or experience can lead to the reduction of a trees life span and further damage to the tree.

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