Our Safety Precautions

We understand the importance of keeping our clients, workers, and the environment safe.

Safety Precautions

Tree surgeon safety

How we keep safe onsite

There are a significant amount of hazards involved in any tree service. We have numerous different precautions and procedures in place to prevent potential hazards from taking place. We’ve also created a safe system of work that must be adhered to at all times. Any significant deviations must always be reported to and authorised by the site manager or safety representative.

Preparation is key in tree surgery


We prepare our team to handle the job, environment and the weather conditions they will be facing. Our workspace, gear and equipment are then prepared for action.


We then execute our plan using our skilled climbers and well thought our strategy. After the job is done, we remove all traces of mess.

Quality Control

Our tools and equipment are checked for defaults. Then a final site sweep to make sure everything is in place and nothing is damaged.

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Our Process

View our full process to see exactly how we execute our plan while still maintaining any potential hazards.


  • Site contact and crew member made aware of where and when we will be working.
  • Weather conditions are assessed.
  • Work areas are cordoned off and safety signs are positioned.
  • Pre climb inspection is carried out to assess the state of the tree.
  • Full PPE kit worn.
  • At least one competent practiced ariel rescue person onsite.
  • Emergency climbing kit checked and made available.
  • Element of stop and go while lowering branches.
  • Re-fuelling zone established away from working zone. Fire extinguisher kept in the truck.
  • Location of first aid kit and ambulance meeting point established.
  • Effective communication between all crew members maintained.
  • Worksite to be reassessed for new hazards or obstacles.


  • Each tree to be climbed by one climber with at least 2 ground members to assist.
  • Climbers must ascend tree with 2 lines and must always be attached with at least one climbing line.
  • Secure anchor points must be established.
  • Site hazards and changing conditions to be monitored.
  • Rigging line installed for lowering branches.
  • All crew to be aware of traffic and pedestrian movement.
  • accurate cuts to be executed and branches are lowered and chipped.
  • Any logs will be loaded onto the truck by hand.

Quality Control

  • All tools and equipment are checked and sorted
  • Ropes, harnesses and rigging kit checked for defects, such as glazing, snags, and frays.
  • Final site check is conducted to make sure no branches have been left and nothing has been damaged.
  • Walk-around check of truck and chipper – lights, coupling and tyre check.
  • Drive away from site with caution.

Potential Hazards

All tree members are trained and practiced in communication between climbers and ground crews. High visibility clothing and CE approved head protection worn. Work to cease immediately if work area is breached. Site agents must all be aware of where we will be working and when.

All staff are NTPC qualified and have experience and practice in using chainsaws on a tree. Harnesses and ropes are used to CE regulations and are inspected to LOLAR regulations. We also have a certificated and practiced second climber available to perform aerial rescue.

Forest ST8 wood chipper complies with HSE knee bar regulations. Fitted with 3-way emergency stop bar and buttons o both sides of the hopper. All operators are trained. The manufacturer’s instructions and safety manual is kept on site.

All of our staff are NPTC qualified and practiced in chainsaw use. Full PPE worn at all times, including chainsaw protective Kevlar trousers and boots. First aid box and mobile phone kept in the truck.

Traffic cones and road warning signs are placed around the area. High visible clothing and marshals will be placed around the working area. A stop and go system for traffic and pedestrians will be implemented by ground crew when required.